Ajurvedic massage
85 min.160 PLN

Indian, full body, dace and head, warm oil massage. It is designed to detoxify and cleanse the body by boosting effectiveness of human immune system. It helps to relax and relieves stress, entering harmony into your body.

Hot Stone massage
55 min. / 120 PLN,  85 min. / 180 PLN

Inspired by the healing practises in Tibet. It helps to stimulate blood circulation, reduces muscular aches, insomnia and depression.

Fruit and Herbal Stamp massage
45 min. 80 PLN

Native in Indonesia, the nourishing and regenerating mixture for dry skin.

“Lomi Lomi Nui”
55 min. 120 PLN

Hawaian “loving hands” massage. It uses variety of pleasant massage techniques that bring relaxation and deep state of rest to the body, very effective  for relieving depression and anxiety.

Hot Honey and Oil massage

50min. 120 PLN

Russian Hot Honey massage

20 min. 60 PLN

Classic/Sport massage

25 min./50 PLN, 55 min./ 100 PLN

 Sport massage with Chinese Cupping

60 min./ 120 PLN



Aromatherapy massage  55 min. /100 zł , 85 min. / 140 zł

Chocolate massage 25 min. /50 zł, 55min./100 zł

Head/ Foot massage 25 min. 50 zł

Anti-cellulite 30 min/ 40 zł , 40 min. / 50 zł

Chinese Cupping 45 min. 70 zł

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